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 What principles are DATESELECTION.GURU calculations based on?

Selection of suitable days and hours are based on the ancient Chinese techniques of metaphysics. We have incorporated several algorithms in the calculations that have led several centuries-old tradition of use in China.

All the information and data, the application is working with, come from following books and publications:

  • The Book of Unifying Times and Discernig Dimensions (Xie Ji Bian Fang Shu 1740)

  • Dong Gong (autor Dong De Zhang z dynastie Ming)

  • Di Tian Sui, Zi Ping Zhen Quan a Yuan Hai Zi Ping – diela o BAZI

  • Yi Jing

  • The Tome of Heaven and Earth (Qian Kun Bao Dian)

  • The Heavenly Presious Calendar (Tian Bao Li)

  • Gao Lao Astronomy (Gou Lao Xing Cong)

  • The Broad Saint Calendar (Guang Sheng Li)

  • The Central Spirit Classics (Shen Qu Jing)

  • Zeng Wen Shan - Qing Nang Xu (dynastia Tang 618 – 907)

  • Zhang Xin-Yan (dynastia Qin) - Komentáre k klasickým dielam Feng Shui a Yi Jingu

  • His followers summarized his knowledge in the book Xuan Kong Zhen Jie (The real explenation Xuan Kong)

 What can be the benefit of choosing the right date and time for common life?

If you are doing the right things at the right time and date, your chance of success increases. You swim in the stream and vital energy concentrated in time and space gives you support. This means, with less effort you can easier achieve greater things in life.

Because of this, tens of generations of Chinese sages developed tools and techniques to investigate the energy manifested in our reality in time cycles.

Since the time of the Three Kingdoms and the Han Dynasty knowledge was developed in techniques such as Shen Sha, Shi Er Zhi Shen, Er Shi Ba Su, Dou Shou, Wu Tu, Dong Gong, Qi Men Dun Jia, Liu Ren, Zi Bai Jiu Xing, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Qi Zheng Si You Tian Xing and more. Each describes the characteristics of the time by different tools and has application techniques, for the selection of appropriate dates.

Any change in this reality that we do and every commencement of a new important event or process, carries the seal of energy from the moment in which it was originated. This energy accompanies all developments and your life.

Art of searching the benefical date, called Ze Ri combines astronomy, astrology and long-term historical observation of subtle energy patterns, which create correlation relationship with the events of our lives. The aim of the technique is to seek the best day and time that are in harmonic resonance with the object and purpose of the activity for which the person is determined and the space in which it is happening. An example could be the perfect date for a wedding, formation of a new company, long-term investments or move in to new premises and other activities.

 What techniques are used in the algorithms of day and time quality calculation?

Dong Gong

Dong Gong method is based on techniques and knowledge of important astrologer from the Ming Dong De Zhang dynasty, who examined the interrelations of 60 combinations of heavenly stems and earthly branches over 12 solar months and the impact of special stars that affect the quality of the day.

12 Day Officer Method

This technique uses a concept where every day is affected during the different months by the energy, that determines for which type of activity is the day suitable to use. We distinguish 12 qualities of energy that are regularly rotated.

28 lunar constellations

Describes the quality of energy. This is based on rotation of the planet Earth in a 28 day cycle. We are searching daily energy management and its relation to the activities for which it is beneficial. We distinguish 28 different qualities entering the 12 qualities of the rulers of days and this creates mutual combinations.

The interaction of the heavenly stems and earthly branches

Using the techniques of Chinese astrology called Ba Zi, we evaluate all the interrelationships of the heavenly stems and earthly branches between the year, month, day, hour and the energy of a man based on his date of birth.

Na Yin relations

Na Yin relations a new element was added in terms of the five phases, which is evolved in mutual combination with heavenly stem and earth branches of the same pillar. Na Yin techniques are also used in feng shui in San He classical techniques like: 60 Dragons, 72 Dragons, 120 Dragons, but also in Chinese astrology Ba Zi in the analysis of the table of man and of course in the techniques Ze Ri in order to find a suitable date.

The Large sun's formula (Tai Yang Dao Shan)

It uses information about the solar year cycle and its impact on different sectors of space. With its use we can find the suitable dates for the renovation of the premises, even if there are other negative effects.

San Sha, Tai Sui a Sui Po

Using these techniques, we calculate the impact of the ruler of the year, month, day, and their subsequent effect on different parts of the problematic area in finding terms for the reconstruction work but also use it to select the appropriate days.

10 wild unfavorable days (Shi E Da Bai Ri)

The calculation is used to find the problematic quality of energy which affects events at regular time cycles. The calculation is based on the energy of empty earth branches in six qi flows based on ten-year cycles.

4 separating days (Si Li Ri) and 4 extinct days (Si Jue Ri)

The calculation is used to locate the problematic quality of energy in relationship to the solar cycle and periods of the equinoxes, solstices and the rotation of seasonal energy.

Favorable and unfavorable hourly stars

These calculations allow describing more details of the energy of special stars that affect the quality of hour´s energy in each day, based on the combinations of the heavenly stems and earthly branches.

The Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)

The application calculates the annual, monthly and daily flying stars, which are used for finding a suitable date in feng shui timing activities.

Solar farm calendar

Calculation of 24 solar mini-periods, which alternate throughout the year and affect the energy in about 15-day intervals.

Xuan Kong Da Gua

This advanced system of searching the suitable days and hours is based on the interrelations of 64 hexagrams, knowledge of the Book of Changes (Yi Jing) and their application in the selection of beneficial days and hours in relationship to men´s hexagrams, based on his date of birth as well as spatial coordinates.
This system has been strictly guarded for a long time, secret and accessible only to a narrow group of experts and specialists in this field. Its use in practice gives extremely powerful outcomes when properly applied. The key is to find Jiaotong - mutual resonance of hexagrams. There is a specific interface integrated for the Da Gua system in the application at the level of filter and also outputs, algorithms and calculations.

 What are you paying for?

After paying for “planned activities” module you will get access to two-year calendar. This means that you can look trough days, quality of the day, plan your activities and more for two years in advance. This access and functionalities are available for you for one year.

 What does the “planned activities” module contain?

Module “planned activities” contains two-year calendar, where you can find: day Officer, Xuan Kong Da Gua, 28 constellations, monthly and yearly sansha, special negative qualities, seasons, relations of the day (day and month, day and year, month and year), relations of people and day, hours (negative and positive stars), relations of hours and day, relations of people and hours, and much more.

 Until when can you use the app?

You can use the app for one year after paying for the app. Then it is necessary to pay again to get access to the app.

 Is the module “planned activities” the only module available?

At this time only the “planned activities” module is available. In the near future, there other modules, such as BAZI, Feng Shui, and much more will be available.

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