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Terms of Service

  1. The general terms and conditions of the MyGuru application (hereinafter referred to as “MyGuru”) listed below govern the brokering rules for access to and use of the MyGuru application: (hereinafter referred to as “Application”), operated by: Powerlife, s.r.o., Company Registration Number: 46 825 819, registered office: Halašova 22 Bratislava, postal code: 831 03, Slovak Republic, which is registered in the Commercial Register of Bratislava I District Court, Sec.: Sro, Insert no. 83994/B (hereinafter referred to as “Powerlife”).
  2. By confirming these MyGuru you agree to the rules set out below and the conditions for access and use of the Application, which you agree to abide by them and fulfil them, and that you become the user of the Application (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”).
  3. The Customer declares that they are a natural person over 18 years, with full legal capacity and their legal capacity is not restricted in any way and that they filled in the personal and billing information completely and honestly.
  4. The application provides the Customer with calculations and other output based on the traditional Chinese metaphysics and astrology as well as being based on Feng shui.
  5. The application consists of a free version and the full version for a fee, and Powerlife is entitled to continuously update the Application with other new free modules or paid modules for a fee.
  6. In the free version the Customer has free access to the limited functions of the full version.
  7. By, paying and crediting the fee for access to the ordered full version to the Powerlife account, the Customer gains access to the functions of the full version.
  8. After the prescribed period of access to the full version, the Customer's right to access the purchased module ceases. In case of interest in further access to and use of the full version, the customer must re-order it and pay a fee for access the full version.
  9. The Customer undertakes not to provide their access to the Application to third parties, meaning their access data (username and password). If the Customer violates their commitment under the preceding sentence of this paragraph, they agree to pay a contractual fine to Powerlife, amounting to the full price of their activated (purchased) full version for each person whom they provided access to the application, and Powerlife is entitled to immediately terminate the Customer's access to the application.
  10. The Customer is entitled to use calculations and other Application outputs for personal needs and the needs of third parties.
  11. Calculations and other Applications outputs from astrology, Chinese or any other philosophy, whose procedures are contained in the Application, do not guarantee success or happiness in the selected area, which Powerlife is not responsible for.
  12. Powerlife is entitled to change the prices of full version, its appearance, content, functionality and Application computing. Powerlife is also entitled to add or remove the functional parts of the Application at any time, providing the optimal and proper functioning of the already purchased Application.
  13. The Customer grants consent to Powerlife regarding the processing of personal data contained in the order, the Application, as well as other personal information they provide to Powerlife for the purposes of the Customer's account registration and the proper implementation of the rights and obligations under these MyGuru. Consent is granted for an indefinite period. Consent may be revoked in writing. Powerlife is authorized to provide the personal data that the Customer provides to Powerlife or the details of the Customer's payment to third parties (e.g. bank or other payment institution, as well as other Application users that mediated the Customer, etc.).
  14. The Customer uses the Application at their own risk and Powerlife does not provide the Customer with any warranty for the accuracy and functionality of the Application beyond the statutory warranty.
  15. Powerlife can continuously modify and complement the MyGuru, and the modifications and complements shall also apply to the existing Customer, which the Customer agrees to.
  16. The legal relationship between Powerlife and the Customer is subject to national laws and other regulations of the Slovak Republic.
  17. Relations under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic. Powerlife and the Customer agree that all disputes from legal relationships arising from this contract or relating to this contract, including all ancillary legal relations, claims for surrender of unjust enrichment, claims for damage compensation, disputes concerning validity, interpretation, expiration of the contract or this arbitration clause, shall be exclusively presented to the Bratislava I District Court.